ending events

We are having diffuclty figuring out how to end an event. We have 3 blocks (intro, stimulus, and end) and during the stimulus block we have 4 randomized trials in which we are wanting in each trial to randomly select a picture from a stimulus list (or from selected events) present it, then end that trial and present the next trial. Any help appreciated.

Can you please post your experiment so I can get a better idea of what’s going on?


This is the same basic task as having words show up in different colors, but in this case I have to use separate picture files instead of a word in separate fonts.

I will eventually have 20 different pictures in 4 colors each. I want it to randomly select a picture (e.g. apple) then randomly select a color to display that particular picture. In all we will have 20 items displayed and ratings provided for each.

This is a very early version and I need to solve this issue before we finish it. This version only has 4 stimuli in 4 colors…it’s a study on taboo.



Form ratings B.sl4 (15.1 KB)


Any hope for this program. Not sure if you received my attachment with the last post.




I just posted a similar experiment that I think will help you. Please see the thread below.