encoding study

I would like to present 10 words just as sounds with the same stimulus interval and no response from participants (encoding phase).

Then, I would like to present 20 words (10 new, 10 old) for the participants to identify regarding whether they previously heard them (y, n; recognition phase). I would still like the same stimulus interval between each word even if the participant answers sooner on some words then other words (a stimulus interval that most people will have enough time to make this decision). I do not want the participant to have a chance to self correct and I do not want the next word to come up too quickly; otherwise it seems that participants lose track of what they are hearing.

With the new option to specify audio for my sound files…I am not sure how to do this and coordinate with defining the participants’ responses…and obtain accurate reaction time data for the recognition phase.

Please advise.

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By stimulus intervals, do you mean a time limit, or a separate ISI?


I think what I am asking for is a standard interstimulus interval during both the encoding phase and recognition phase.

In other words, in the encoding phase…wait 2000 milliseconds between each sound files playing a word.

In the recognition phase, once a word is played, a person should respond as quickly as possible taking any response (it would be okay for the person to give an incorrect answer)…but I would like the next word to be delayed by 2000 milliseconds…that way…every person is waiting to respond to the next word with at least a 2000 millisecond delay.

I am hoping that this will also enable me to use the reaction time after the recognition response for each recognition trial as an accurate measure of how long it took the person to respond once the sound file for the word ended…and again, at the same time…each person would be allowed the same 2000 millisecond delay to refocus for the next word, etc.

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This question is probably faster answered over the phone. I will contact you through private message to set up a time.