easy way to quickly convert superlab .dat to .xls (excel) files

Dear Cedrus Forum,

Is there an easy/quick way (perhaps a downloadable program?) to convert a bunch of Superlab .dat files to Excel (.xls) format without having to open each file in Excel and save each individually as an Excel file (without merging the files)?

I have a macros program that runs in Excel that will only recognize and extract Excel files.

Brad W.

Dear Brad,

The Cedrus Data Viewer allows you to merge multiple data files into one. If you wish to download, or for more information, I have posted the link below:


Thanks Monika, but I do not want to merge the files, just resave them as Excel files. Is there a quick way to do it without merging?

Hi Brad,

Unfortunately we do not have such a program, nor do I know of one. I wish I could have been more help.

another way

Thanks Monika. I posted a new question about saving directly as Excel files hoping that will be an option.