Duplicate Triggers Issue with Stimtracker and Response Pad in MATLAB

I am using the Quad Stimtracker to send event markers for a cognitive paradigm coded in Psychtoolbox (MATLAB), following the code provided here. For response acquisition, I am using the Riponda model L. However, any key press on the response pad sends a generic trigger (16) to the EEG acquisition system (Bittium), regardless of the trigger code. Since I added a line of code to detect responses and send corresponding triggers, I end up with two triggers for the same event. The trigger from the response pad is generic for all buttons (16) and overlaps with the trigger sent via the function.
Could you please advise on how to resolve this issue?

It sounds like Riponda is connected to StimTracker Quad. So the path of the signal is

Assuming this is correct, the solution is easy. See this page, Configuring Pin Assignments of m-pod. You can have the signal from a key press go to a different line, or disable it entirely, or even have multiple signals corresponding to different Riponda keys.

Thank you @Hisham for your reply.
The path of the signal you mentioned is correct. However, I am using a Linux system (Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS) and cannot use the Xidon application to configure pin assignments. Could you suggest an alternative to Xidon for configuring the pin assignments on a Linux system?

The connections I am using are as follows:
Riponda →StimTracker (via DP)
Riponda →System 1 for stimuli presentation (via USB) (linux)
StimTracker →System 1 for stimuli presentation (via USB) (linux)
StimTracker →Bittium (via mPod) (System 2, Windows)

Configuring the pin assignments on Linux would require programming. And this part of the firmware is the hardest to program for. It’s not worth your time nor can we offer support for that.

My recommendation: find a Mac or PC to run Xidon on. Once configured, the settings are saved in flash memory inside m-pod. You can then move back to Linux.

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