Don't understand what the timestamp stand for in Matlab

use XID protocol to read the RT to MATLAB,
don’t understand the Matlab support’ timestamp stand for
like 3309439 what this number stand for?

3309439 is the time stamp in milliseconds. This is the time since the response pad was last reset. This timer can be reset “via command e5 or via light sensor”; see description of XID Commands.

thank you
I found there was a mistake in the code.
stamp = typecast(int8(k(3:6)),‘int32’); it should be stamp = typecast(uint8(k(3:6)),‘uint32’);
if you use the previous code, the timestamp will be increase and decrease.

and when i write
the timer wasn’t reset.
do you know why? and how to reset the timer in matlab?

Which specific response pad model do you have?

lumina 2603-3G; LS-RH

It turns out that the product model has nothing to do with it. To reset the timer, you need to send “e5” instead of “_e5”.

Thank you for the feedback about using uint8 instead of int8; we fixed the Matlab sample code.

thank you
use write(device, “e5”, “char”) could reset the timer.