Do the newer response boxes work with SuperLab Pro?

I’m running Superlab Pro 1.07 (yes, I am totally aware that you will suggest upgrading to version 4 - please do not), and there are concerns about the accuracy of the response time data generated from that version via computer keyboard button press.

We’re currently investigating our options for implementation of new experiments, including upgrading to version 4, or switching to E-prime or MATLAB. However, I’m wondering if any of the response boxes listed on the superlab website would be compatible with Superlab Pro 1.07, or if we would need to upgrade to the newest version to use those.

Thanks in advance,

We do not have a copy of 1.07 in-house to test if the response boxes work with this version. However, they do work with SuperLab 2.0, which is a free update from 1.07. SuperLab 2.0 works almost identically as 1.07. Please see the link below for the download:

SuperLab 2.0 is a 32-bit application, were as 1.07 is a 16-bit application.