Displaying participant input?

Hello, I am designing an experiment where I use keyboard string input to record words that participants have recalled after being shown a list. As such, I was wondering if there was a way to display to the participants words that they had typed in, so that they would know which words they had already entered. The participants are timed, I don’t know if that impacts it at all but, there it is. Thanks in advance.


I wonder

if it would be possible to define a number of different keyboard string inputs located at different places on the screen (for example, aligned in a column from to to bottom). Then if you didn’t erase the screen between inputs, wouldn’t the previous inputs remain visible? (I haven’t tried this, but maybe it would work).

That is, activate the top location by making it the only correct response; next activate the second-from-top location by making it the only correct response, and so on.

I think I understand what you are suggesting, are you saying that if a string input has a correct response and you tell superlab to “present event” and have it display the word? Thus if it didn’t erase, and there weren’t overlaps it should just display them?

Thanks for the idea.

Alex Claxton

Unfortunately, there’s not a way to do this. Even Greg’s recommendation won’t work. String Input has only one text control–globally–and it is either hidden or shown. You can’t specify multiple locations. Furthermore, there’s no way to take the previous responses and present them on the screen.