Displaying data at end of experiment

I’ve just started working with SL 4.5.1 (demo), as I wait for the delivery of my full-version and response pad.
I am creating an “emotional Stroop”-type task to be run by clinic staff on participants in a multi-site clinical trial. For the purpose of data entry, we intend to have a paper form (“CRF” in clinical trials terminology) that collects 6 key variables – variables that are derived by averaging/adding/subtracting the RTs to the various types of stimuli. We had envisioned that, after the experiment was completed, the values of these 6 key variables could be displayed on-screen for the clinical staff to transcribe onto the CRF.

Based on my review of the manual and a similar query on this forum (http://community.cedrus.com/showthread.php?t=995&highlight=show+results), it appears this is impossible with SuperLab.

I don’t suppose there are any clever ways around this limitation, but if anyone knows of any, I would greatly appreciate it.

I guess our next plan of action will be to develop some sort of Excel worksheet or small program that the staff will have to run on each file after each experiment.

Suggestions, hints, corrections are most welcome.