digital output

Hello friends, I have a important question for the comunity, I need to fire a pulse of transcranial magnetic stimulation at accuracy time during the presentation of a event (picture or video). Any suggestions? Thanks

Hello Miguel,

You can use the Digital Output feature in SuperLab to do that. This requires an I/O card. Do you already have one? Are you using a laptop or desktop? Mac or PC?


Thanks Hisham, I don´t have the card yet, and I will need to use with a desktop PC. To be more accuracy, I will need to send an event to the TMS machine (BNC plug) at differents times during the presentation of a video. I don´t know if the superlab allows to do that.


You can play a movie asynchronously–that is, you can have SuperLab do other stuff while the movie continues to play. You can present a DO event and set it to end after a certain amount of time and then present another DO event, for example.

Thanks Han, I think that this is the set up that i need. Do you think that i will need to program the PC-DIO card with some of the free software e just to give digital outputs or the SuperLab is enought?
Thanks one more time

I would hope that the digital output event in SuperLab is enough.

timing accuracy

Which is the accuracy in fire a digital event during the play of a movie? in other words, how I can be sure that that the digital event is given at exaclty the time that i need during the visualitation of a movie?
I guess that a short (3 seconds) and low quality movie that require few memory fro the computer can help to minimize the error?

On Windows, SuperLab uses DirectX to present movies, which in turn uses separate threads to present the movies. As a result, there are serious timing issues playing movies on any single-core Windows PC. You should be able to get better timing results on a multi-core PC. This is independent of the memory requirements or length of the movie.