Difficulties in Current Experiment

Hi everyone! I am a graduate student teaching myself the SUPERLAB way & have some difficulties I am running into!

  1. One of my list of stimuli includes audio files and I am running into difficulties playing them. I can make the list and all is good until I go to preview & the error code “-9998” pops up after saying it was unable to play the files, anyone know a way around this?

I might have some more so just going to leave this feed open but appreciate any feedback!


Hello Olivia, I haven’t seen this error message before.

Can you save your experiment as a package (File menu → Save as Experiment Package) and post it on Dropbox (or any cloud service) then send me the link?

Yes here it is! Appreciate your quick response, it specifically tells me when I try to play these audio files "error in port audio. open stream. code -9998. Message “invalid number of channels”

The basic idea is that an audio file plays and then the participant responds on the event titled with a blank. But when I go to play it, there is no audio playing even though the wav files are on my computer. Attached the wav files on the folder.


Thanks in advance!

Olivia, sorry for the delayed response. Please send me an email to setup a Zoom meeting if you are still having the issue.