Different trial orders

We have been using SuperLab 2.0 to run experiments concerning prepulse inhibition of a startle blink. SuperLab controls a Measurement Computing I/O board which in turn controls audio switches, flashing lights, and so on. I am thinking about switching to SuperLab 4.0.

My favorite way of conducting these studies is to present trials using a sequence generated from latin squares so that block 1 might be trial-type 1, trial-type 2, trial-type 4, trial-type 3, and block 2 might be trial-type 2, trial-type 3, trial-type 1, and then trial-type 4 etc. I then switch the identities of the trial types from subject to subject (four different trial types for the present example). SuperLab 4.0 would be a special advantage if there was a way to set up a simple file for each subject that would designate the trial order for that subject and that SuperLab could read, without having to save an experiment file for each subject after rearranging trials in SuperLab.

Assuming my description of the problem is clear enough to answer, is there an obvious way to do this in SuperLab 4.0, or is there some kind of trick I could use?


Hi Evan,

Alas the ability to import stimuli from outside files isn’t there yet.


Thank you.