different correct responses for same event

I want to use the same event to collect all of the responses but for some trials X is correct and Y is an error and for other trials it is reversed. Can superlab switch correct and incorrect depending on the trial? Otherwise I need to create a different response collection event for each different correct response ( a pain).

SuperLab can determine the correct response based on an event’s code value, but not based on a trial’s code value.

This was designed for setting code values on items in a stimulus list to simplify the selection of correct responses.

Can you give a little more detail on what you are trying to do? There may be a workaround.

I want to use a single event to capture an answer to a question from a participant. It would be a text message that says, for example, “Was the word you were just shown old or new (press O for old or N for New).” The correct answer could be old or new depending on the trial. There would need to be some way to link what the correct response is to the actual trial that event was linked to. Otherwise I need to create two identical response collection events and change the correct responses and link some events to one and some to the other.