determination of correct response


In my protocol, when superlab determines what feedback to give to a subject based on their responses, it always uses the first answer it receives. However, subjects sometimes press the wrong button by mistake and correct themselves within the allotted time window. Is there a way for superlab to accept the correct answer even if it isn’t the first answer?


In the Input tab of the event editor, set the event to end only after a time limit and also Delay feedback actions until time limit elapses.

As a result, if participants respond incorrectly but then correct themselves before the end of the time limit, the event will be treated as having had a correct response.

Thanks for the info. I have those parameters set already. The answer slide is programmed to allow 3 seconds for the subject to answer and then present another slide to tell the subject if they are right or wrong. If they press the wrong button first then they are told they were wrong, even if they correct themselves immediately afterwards and within the time period before feedback. The data file even records all the responses and correctly codes them as E, SC or C but Superlab still provides the feedback to the subject that their answer was incorrect. Is there any way around this?


Take a look at the experiment I’ve attached.

A timer is started before the trial begins. The event is set to end upon any response. However, the trial will repeat itself until the timer reaches a certain mark. Event feedback sets a tag on the trial related to response correctness. Once the timer reaches the mark, the trial rules present certain feedback depending on the trial tag.

Are you able to incorporate this method into your experiment?

determineFeedback.sl5 (5.73 KB)