Delay in rule application at trial start?


I have set rules so that each trial has a specific background color. However, when I run the trial the color does not change until after the first few events in the trial. This is problematic for my study design...

I have attached my experiment. To spare yourself from having to run through the whole experiment, please select the "practice phase" block and then set it any two matching numbered trial sets (i.e. "Norming 1" and "Norming 2", or "Training 5" and "Training 6"). This should give a quick overview of what is happening.

Thank you for your help!

SuperLab Huntley QRP1 (version A).sl5 (71.6 KB)

Rules at the trial level are executed after the trial has ended, so after all the events in the trial have been presented. This would explain the delay that you are experiencing.

Similarly, rules at the block level are executed at the end of the block, after all the trials in the block have been presented.