Define An Area As A Response

SuperLab 4.0.1 (build 2075) for Macintosh, on the Participant Input screen, under Other Options, offers the option: “Ignore a mouse click unless it falls inside an area defined as a response”. However, the Tutorial does not explain how to define an area as a response. How does one define an area as a response?

In the Participant Input dialog, click on “Mouse or Touch Screen.” If the box to the left is not checked, click it to check it. Then, click the “Responses” tab–the one on the left.

There are two responses that are automatically created: “Left Mouse Button,” and “Right Mouse Button.” This apply anywhere on the screen. If you are wanting to limit the clickable area, you will want to delete both of these.

Now, click the “New…” button at the bottom. A dialog will open allowing you to specify what constitutes this response. Give it a name. When you are done defining the response, click “OK.”