Debug report

I’m using Superlab 4.5 on Windows XP, and my superlab script keeps crashing, seemingly randomly. I have attached a screenshot of the error message I get - as far as I can tell it doesn’t give any information on the nature of the problem. Can you suggest what might cause the program to crash randomly and produce this message?

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SL_error message.pdf (90.9 KB)

The screen snapshot doesn’t tell much, we would need the actual crash report produced by SuperLab. Can you send it? Also, can you post or email the experiment package?

Also, are you using the latest SuperLab 4.5.4? It’s a free update.

In case you’re stuck, the crash report can be found at the location shown in your screen snapshot:

You can try sending the crash report directly from that window, but this will not work if you are using web-based email. In that case, please find the file “SuperLab.xml” in the highlighted path above, then create an email to be sent to, and attached the “SuperLab.xml” file.

Hi Hisham,

Thanks for your response.
Yes it is version 4.5.4. I have just emailed the experiment package and the crash report to the email address you said below.


A developer will look into this soon. Meanwhile, can you please download the SuperLab 5 trial and try your experiment with it?