Deactivation and number of leases

Hi there,

After successfully creating Leases for students (thanks for your help on that), the licensing server tells me I have only 1 more lease I can give out.
However, if I go to Help - License, it is telling me I have 6 licenses and 3 activations remaining. I have found previously when installing SuperLab it has given me different figures of licenses each time (and not reducing as I install each copy, sometimes giving me more than I had before).

I’m wondering if there is any way you can tell me the exact figures of how many licenses and leases I have remaining?

Secondly, I have tried to follow the steps to deactivate one license, (Help - license) and there is no ‘more options’ icon to select. Is this a change in the new SuperLab 4.5.1?



I will contact you via private message. If you have any licensing questions in the future, please email us from the link below.