data viewer

How can I get the data viewer to give summary stats on just some responses, e.g., I had subjects analyze (i.e. think about) either the meaning or the appearance of a set of words (as in levels of processing paradigm) and want to compare RT for these two types, and want to do it automatically without having to go to Excel or something similar. Thanks. I know it’s elementary but…

Without knowing the exact structure of your experiment, I cannot give you precise word-for-word instructions.

However, (fortunately!), I can give you broad tips that will most likely answer your question.

First, the basics:

If you want to compare reaction times, then make sure that you have selected “Average RTs” from the drop down menu labeled “Show:” that sits on the right-hand side of the “Summary Stats” tab.

The next thing you want to look at is the OTHER drop down menu, the one labeled “Show Stats:” that appears on the left-hand side.

You should see that the “Show Stats” drop down menu gives you 4 built-in options.

Those options are:

per Block
per Trial (per trial name)
per Code Value
per Trial Variable

Ideally, what you described as your “two types” of word sets will be evident in the structure of your SuperLab experiment, such that each of the two types corresponds to a given Trial Name, or (alternatively) such that each of the two types is labeled/marked with one of two Code Values.

If the structure of your experiment does not allow you to distinguish the types by any of the four built-in methods (by Block, by Trial, by Code Value, by Trial Variable), then you have two options.

One option would be to change the structure of your experiment in SuperLab.

The other option can be accomplished in DataViewer without changing or re-running your experiment.

In DataViewer, you need to “flag” rows that you are interested in.

To perform a “flag row” operation, go to the “Raw Data” tab. The very first column should be named “Flag.” If it is not there, then use the main menu to choose “View >> Show Flag Column”.

To flag a row, just click on the first cell of the row. A flag icon will appear in that cell.

Once you flag all rows that are related to “Type 1” of word sets, then go to the main menu and choose “Rows >> Hide Unflagged Rows”.

Now that the “uninteresting” rows have been hidden, when you go to the “Summary Stats” tab again, you will only be viewing statistics that were calculated using the currently displayed rows. You can verify that fact by looking at the value displayed for “Count” of “All Responses” in the “General Summary” area at the top of the “Summary Stats” tab.

While you are flagging rows, you might find it helpful to sort by a given column. You might also benefit from selecting multiple adjacent rows (by clicking the numbered row headings) and then choosing “Rows >> Flag Selection”.