Data viewer w/ file names


Maybe I’m missing something quite obvious, but it’s my very first time using Superlab and DataViewer. I created an experiment which asks the participant to listen an audio file and then selects between two keys from the keyboard (M or F) to decide if he thinks that is a baby boy or a baby girl that was vocalizing. I created my experience but i have one problem. When looking at the output file I noticed that there’s no reference for the name of the file that was answered. I need to know, for each audio file, what was the decision that the participant took, but dataviewer only shows the event number. If it’s an impossibility, how can we know the sequence of the audio files being presented?
Thanks in advance for any response.

If you use a stimulus list the file names will appear in the data file. If your not using a stimulus list the file names won’t show, however it will show the event name. By default SuperLab will save the event name to the output file.

Got it!. The problem was that the list of stimuli was directed related to a folder which contains the files, instead of presenting each stimulus (file) individually.

This issue has been fixed in SuperLab version 4.5.1.