Data Viewer --> Export to csv

Not sure how difficult this is,

Would be nice to be able to take the data files and export them to csv (or tab delim). Currently I just copy-paste into excel and export that way.

I suppose this is a picky suggestion!


The data files are already saved as tab-delimited. Have you seen the Cedrus Data Viewer? It can merge files for you.

Please clarify if you are looking for something else. It’s a very reasonable request – not a picky one!

Oh! I did not realize they were tab delimited, that should be fine too. Yes I use the viewer, but it’s not really that relevant since I want to directly read the data into R.

Hmm, unfortunately, reading it directly into R as a tab delim does not work, it returns the error:

Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, :
more columns than column names

So, it still requires me to open in cedrus data viewer, copy-paste into excel, and re-type the column names.

I am not familiar with R scripting, but I would guess that it might be getting confused by the header in the file. Are you removing it first?