data saving


I am having some troubles with my data files. They should be saved in a folder ‘data’ within the experiment folder. However, sometimes they are saved but sometimes they are not. It looks quite random to me and I am not sure whether it might depend on the name or on the way I exit the experiment (e.g., by clicking on ‘esc’ or in a different way).

When you click on Experiment menu and then Options, a dialog appears. When you click the Folder Location option, which one is selected?

Data saving


I had the same problem and found out that it by changing the name it was fine. I used to give long names (but useful for me) to the data files and superlab (without popping a message error) would just not save them. I then just started saving them with a shorter name and it worked. I know it sounds silly but that’s what happened.
If you want to try, you can name a file ‘try’ or something like it and see whether it saves it in the folder where it is supposed to. If it does, then it’s a ‘naming’ problem:)

Thanks for letting me know, though I am a little puzzled as we’ve never really had a problem with file names. We’ll look into it.