Data recovery?

I just ran an experiment using SuperLab 4.0 on 6 participants. When they were done I closed out the screen, then immediately got an error message that reads “can’t open file [name of file] (error 2: no such file or directory)” and it did not save the data for the experiment, at least not in the folder that I specified it to. This happened on all 6 computers, the only thing I did differently than before was the names I used to save the files but I assume if that was the problem, the program would not have let me save it that way in the first place…

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to recover the data from the most recently ran experiment on SuperLab or where the data may have been saved to??



SuperLab is pretty diligent about ensuring that data is always saved. It will even save data collected “half way”, i.e. if you cancel an experiment, all data is saved up to the point of cancellation. I’d be surprised if your data is lost. Your question is probably better handled on the phone. I’ll send you a private message with details.

Hi Jesse, the issue with saving data has been resolved in SuperLab 4.5. Please see my reply here.