data file is a mess

How do I get rid of the following data columns? key, pressed or released, Correct response, reaction time (trial variable), font color, ISI duration, screen location, screen location II.

Having the header split over two rows makes sorting in Excel a pain. Is there a way to get only one header row?

And the code values are shifted to the right of the code headers when imported into Excel. Why?

dave3.txt (909 Bytes)

To disable those columns, open the trial variables window (experiment menu->Trail Variables). Edit each of the trial variables. In the options tab in the trial variable editor, there is a check box to save the value in the collected data file. Uncheck this.

This is enabled by default, so if you generally want it disabled, you may want to make a blank template experiment that has these boxes unchecked for creating new experiments.

ok, thanks, in future versions it would be useful to have all of the output options in one place.