I am trying to figure out what kind of monitor to buy for our lab for use with a new mac mini and superlab 4. We need very brief presentation times ~10ms. I understand that SL 4 synchronizes with the refresh rates on a crt but is it the same on a flatscreen? Because if so, then the minimum presention would be >16ms given the typical max refresh rate of 60Hz on an LCD?

Please help?!?


The refresh rate is the same as the flat screen. Check displays in the control panel to see if you can go higher then 60Hz.

The maximum refresh rate is going to vary depending upon your computer/video-card, and monitor. I’m currently using LCD monitors for stimulus presentation, and the maximum refresh rate available on my Dell system is 75 Hz–a little better than 60, at least. I believe Dell sells monitors with different maximum refresh rates, so shop around for one that offers faster refresh rates. Then, as the previous poster indicated, check in your control panel for the refresh rate options available for your monitor.