creating stimulus lists dynamically


I would like to be able to select the folder from which to generate a stimulus list during run time of the experiment. It seems like this should be doable, and would save me a lot of hassle. What I have is a number of different speakers, each saying a number of different words. I would like to randomize the presentation order of the speakers, as well as the order of the words for each speaker, but I would like to block by speaker, such that all words for a given speaker are heard before hearing the next speaker.

I can make a list of directories that contain the audio files for each speaker, e.g., s1, s2, s3, etc., then if I can select one at random, I can use that in the pathname to the folder for generating the stimulus list of audio files. When I have tried to create the audio stimulus list by reading from a text file, however, it won’t let me specify a folder, but seems to require that each audio file be individually listed, e.g., s1/word1.wav, rather than something like s1/*.

I also can’t quite get random selection of folders to work either; I’ve been playing around with parameters, tags and trial variables, all to no avail.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


The randomization that you are trying to accomplish is totally doable in SuperLab 5, and is in fact one of the new features in version 5. Please see pages 42 and 43 of the manual.

However, the title of your post says “creating stimulus lists dynamically”. I am not sure what you mean by “dynamically”, but if you are considering updating the list of stimuli while SuperLab is running, then this cannot be done.

You can, however, import the contents of an entire folder into a stimulus list quite easily. Once imported, you can change the order of list items.