creating picture stimuli

What are the best types of software to use for creating picture stimuli? I am trying to create an experiment using a chart of 50 picture stimuli; I am looking to combine multiple images into one picture file that can then be uploaded onto SuperLab. What would be the best type of software to use for that? I have access to both Macs and PCs.

I use Acorn and OmniGraffle on the Mac, and CorelPAINT (version 7!) on Windows. They all work well.

When saving or exporting files, for stimuli that are close in size, I recommend that you make sure that they all have the same overall dimensions. They will make experiment building a little easier down the road.

What’s the best resolution for picture stimuli?

I don’t usually worry about the resolution. It should simply match that of the screen. I personally prefer to save in PNG format.