Creating multiple stimulus lists

I’m having trouble creating multiple stimulus lists. If I go to “experiment” and “stimulus lists”, there is no button to create “new.” If I try to create them from within the event editor, I can make one new list of each type (e.g., one audio list, one text list), but if I want to make a second list of text, the dropdown in the event editor doesn’t include a “make new list” option.

I have somewhat resolved this issue - on another computer that also has superlab 5, when I go to experiment -> stimulus lists, there is the option to create new lists (but it still doesn’t show up on another computer). I’m uploading a screenshot of what I see when I go to “experiment -> stimulus lists” on the first computer.
Do you have any idea why the list adding option might not be showing up? I’ve got version 5 and the license is active.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.18.04 PM.png

What is the exact Operating System version you are using? For example, I am on Mac 10.8.3. Also, check the version of SuperLab your using by going to About SuperLab, which is under the Help menu on Windows and under SuperLab 5.0 for the Mac. The newest version is 5.0.1.

If you can also try grabbing the lower right corner of the window with the mouse to re-size the window. This may cause the buttons to show up.

Hi Monika,

Resizing the window solved the problem! Brilliant! Thanks!

FYI, 5.0.1 for Superlab and 10.8.5 for OS (in case that may contribute?)

Thanks so much!