Creating an Experiment Package

I have two questions regarding the “Create an Experiment Package” command in the File menu, and unfortunately there’s not a word about it in the help files.

  1. Does it only package up your files for easy transport to another SuperLab-installed computer, or does it create a full experiment package that can be run on any computer? Let’s say you want to do a demonstration somewhere other than your home lab, or run the experiment on multiple machines once it’s been created. Do you have to install SLP on every machine?

  2. What might cause this feature not to work? We’re getting a strange “not authorized to use this feature” error message when we try it on a full licensed version. It works fine on the unlicensed demo version I’ve installed on a different computer. Any ideas?

Thank you.


  1. It will package your experiment and any stimuli files used by the experiment, but not SuperLab itself. That will need to be installed separately.

  2. I don’t know. Is this happening on a Mac or PC?


Thanks for the reply. Both machines that it was tested on were PCs.

What was the precise error message? The only reason I can think that this would happen is if you’re using the Run-only version of SuperLab, as it can’t edit experiments. Due to this, you might get an error message that says “SuperLab 4 Run-Only Edition cannot edit experiments.”

I don’t know the precise message, but I don’t think this is the case. The experiment was created on that installation of the software, we made it from scratch, saved it, ran it, and opened it again later. It’s only the export that isn’t working. Thanks, though.

Are you running SuperLab 4.0.5?