Creating a Stroop Task using Superlab6

Hello, I am having trouble creating a Stroop task using Superlab6. This task has four blocks, and each block has events randomized by color. To my understanding, a separate download is needed to create the task on this software. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to get this attachment? Thank you.

You can download an existing Stroop experiment.

If you want to build your own variation, please post more details.

Hi, thanks for responding!

I am building a bilingual emotional Stroop with 4 blocks: Spanish emotion words, English emotion words, Spanish neutral words and English neutral words. It is the same task that was used in Sutton et al., (20007).

I think that this would require too many back-and-forth over forums. I’ll email you to use screen sharing.

Thank you very much for the screen share today Hisham, it was very helpful!