I’m building an experiment combing picture, sound and a distractor task. I have two problem right now (more are likely to appear;)):

  1. When running the exp. Superlab freezes after the soundfile has ended. It does not respond to any commands and I have to forcequit the program. The imported file is mp3

  2. The distrctor task is a series of simple math. How do I get it to run on top of the picture (while the sound is running)?

Can it be because I’m running a trial version? We want to make sure this is the program we need before bying it…


Are you using the Sound Event type, or Audio? What are your settings for the sound file? Is there anyway you can post your experiment? If so, please post as an Experiment Package, which is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

hi again

I’ve cleaned it up a bit, so we’re down to the basic probelm. Either it goes in a ring (without finishing the sound file) or crashes. The sound file is attached as an audiofile
The purpose of the exp is for subjects to see a picture of a person, listening to the soundfile, while at the same time responding to a distraktor task involving simple math. We need to add more of these, both with and without the distraktor task, but I guess I can figure, if I solve this problem first. Finally we test for the memory of elements of the soundfile (not included yet).

I’ve attached the experiment


Jesper (763 KB)

I have attached a revision of your experiment. Your stimulus has been re-ordered so that the photo is first and then the math. Also, the audio event has been moved into that “Distraktor intro” trial. Some changes have also been made in regards to the settings for your audio event, and the picture and math events.

Autoritet (763 KB)


Thanks Monika – this was very helpful.