Crashes with new update

I’m working on changing the labels of the events in an experiment that was created prior to this latest update. I have downloaded the update to 4.0.8. As I’m editing, SuperLab crashes, says it’s submitting a bug report, then closes. It also destroys the experiment file I was working on, which now won’t open and has 0 bytes. I went back to the autobackup file, even though I lost all my work, but then the same thing happened with that one.

I have never had anything happen like this before and I’ve used SuperLab for over two years on this computer.

I tried to attach these files here so that you could see what I mean but it keeps saying that the upload failed.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The same happens with me! I thought it was because I have installed a trial version but apparently this is not the problem! I guess the new version is just not good…


I will contact you via Private Message.