crashes after 13 events +

I have a couple problems. First of all Superlab crashes after exactly 13 events are added, without fail. I notice others have this problem as well, do I just need to call or has it been figured out?

Second, I have a question about stimulus lists. Conceptually,I love the feature and it is clear how to manipulate the amount of time each word is presented, but I need to have a 500ms break between items. Is this possible? If not it seems that the feature is relatively pointless for people like me, as Ill have to add a new event per item anyway (which is a bit of a problem if I cant add more than 13 events). Getting a little frustrated here.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Dale,

We talked about the stimulus lists feature over the phone.

Regarding the crashing, it is indeed a bug that was introduced with SuperLab 4.0.4. A note has just been posted on our web site that describes why it happens and how to work around it until a fix is available:

Sorry for the trouble that this has caused.


The crash has been fixed in SuperLab 4.0.5, released yesterday.