Crash Superlab "too many open files"


Superlab stops in the middle of my experiment and I have this error message : “can’t open file “…” (error 24 : Too many open files)”

There is 300 pictures in my experiment, and Superlab stops approximately after 235 pictures.
I quit and restart Superlab between each participant but the crash happens every time.

My computer :
Mac OS X
Version 10.4.11
Processor : Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5
Memory : 2.5 GB DDR SDRAM
And there is 96.74 GB available on my hard disk

I send you my experiment.
If you need the pictures too, i can send them by email.



Expé-Cat-S-2D-fb-1.sl4 (10.8 KB)

I tried it on a MacBook Pro and the experiment runs entirely without the error message.

I tried it also on another PPC and i have again the error.

Is there something I can do to fix the problem?

This seems to be a PowerPC limitation that we were not aware of. There is not much we can do at this point as PowerPC support is approaching the end of the line.

You could try increasing the number of files the system allows you to open at once. The default limit is 256. You’re running into the error at 235, which means there are already twenty or so files open.