Crash and Delete

I have started having an issue with superlab where it is crashing unexpectedly when I try to save the file, and as an additional delightful treat, deleting the file that I was trying to save. The file name is still there, but it is now 0kb and when I try to open the file, I get an error message saying “This is not a Superlab 4.0 file”

Any reason why this might be happening, and how to fix it? I am running 4.0.8

Are you using SuperLab 4.0.8 with StimTracker? If not, I recommend going back to SuperLab 4.0.7b.

SuperLab creates a backup file of your experiment with the same name, the only difference is it has “autobackup” attached to the end. Have you tried to open this file and see if your experiment is there?

Well, I need to use superlab 8 because I have locations set as trial variables, and with superlab 7, not all of my images get displayed at once on all trials. It does save autobackups, which I have been able to use, but it will crash repeatedly.

I will contact you by private message to schedule a time to discuss this over the phone.