Counting point

i’m not sure if superlab can do this.

i want to counting every feedback , and represent the cumulative point to my participant.

they get 50 point at first, and begin a game.

if they do the correct answer, they get +2 point , show them 52 point

in the next trial

if they do the incorrect answer , they get -5 point, show them 47 point

I am wondering if there is a way to do it.

This is not possible in SuperLab 4, but is trivially easy in SuperLab 5 and its Parameters feature. You can create a parameter of type Counter, like this:

In the Event Editor’s Feedback tab, you can create a feedback that increments the counter by 2 or decrements it by 5. Then, to show the number of points to the participant, you can present a Text event like this:

You have $(Number of Points) points

which will display

You have 50 points