correct response with single event

I want to display words as a list but introduce a response prompt after each word disappers. How can I identify correct responses? Is it possible to use the correct responses linked to the items in the list to another event that is collecting the responses?

This can be done with picture and text lists by inserting a second event in the trial that uses the same stimulus list. If you use a stimulus list more than once in a given trial, it will reference the same stimulus. With text and picture stimuli, you can present them offscreen so that the participant doesn’t actually see the stimulus appear the second time.

In your case, you would present a word from the list followed by an event the presents a prompt. The prompt would end immediately and move on–not looking for a response. Then, you would have a third event that also presents a word from the list. This would need to be configured in the event settings to be presented offscreen–that is, at a position like (10000, 10000) to ensure it is completely outside the range of the display. This would be the event that would look for input. Since it uses the same stimulus, it would have access to the code values set on the stimulus, so you would be able to look for a response based on a stimulus that is no longer visible.

This method comes courtesy of another SuperLab user. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it should work exactly as described above. This could potentially also be used with audio and movie events, but the volume would need to be turned down, and there could be serious issues if the first presentation overlaps with the second.

I hope this helps!