"Correct response" and stimulus lists

In a lexical decision experiment, we have a target stimulus list with 540 text strings. We were trying to specify the correct responses for the entire set, but discovered that (1) it is necessary to select all stimuli before chosing the correct response, and (2) there is no way to “select all”–instead, each one must be command-clicked individually. There is an option to use codes to select responses, but the same situation occurs during the code assignment process: each stimulus to be assigned a code must be selected, and there is no “select all” option.

We ended up reluctantly accepting “any response” instead of “correct response” in the target event, but this isn’t completely acceptable. Is there some way to assign a code or a correct response to all of the items in a stimulus list, without laboriously selecting each one individually?

Greg Shenaut

The old Macintosh trick of shift-clicking does work in both the stimulus list editor and in the correct responses editor:

Select the first item in the list. Scroll to the end. shit-click the last item. Everything in between will be highlighted as well.

Thanks, I didn’t think to try that.