Correct/incorrect response not registred in data

I’m creating an experiment in which participants have to press Z and M key to indicate if two previous sound stimuli where equals o different. I configured the keys by using tags of “correct” and “incorrect” responses and selected it the corresponding events. However, when I check the data after running the experiment, it tracks the key the participant choose, but with the label “correct” in al the responses even if it is correct or no. I also tried to name de correct response as “correct z” “incorrect m” and viceversa and programed it according to the respective events, but it didn’t work… the data continue appearing with the label “correct” for every response even if I change the name of the response related to the key or using tags. I would like to know what I’m doing wrong and what should I do.

Thanks in advance.

It would be best if we use screen sharing. Please send us an email.