coordinating the end of audio and text events

I am presenting an audio file followed by several text events (audio>question>response1>response2). Specific audio files are paired with specific questions so the audio file is different for each sequence. I would like the audio to play until the end of the question (event 2 in the sequence). This event can end if the participant responds or after a 15 second time limit. If the time limit is reached the next two events are skipped.

Everything works fine except the audio file continues playing through the response1 and response2 event instead of stopping after the question event. Is there a way to end the audio event after the question (event2) regardless of whether the participant responded or reached the time limit or must the audio play until the end of all events in the trial?

Thank you.

Addition information

Just in case it is relevant, the audio, question, and response1 events present stimuli from lists. The response2 event is the same every time (not from a list).