Control repeating trials

Dear All,
I am wondering if you could help me!!
I have used SuberLap5 to test memory, it was wonderful program.
Now I want to apply another test of memory and I would add a condition to the experiment , but I have encountered difficulty in it.
Is it possible to help me ?
The requirement is to add the possibility of restudy words but will not be available every time when participants ask. More specific, Participants have to make request for restudy opportunity, I will give them this option but not every time I will provide restudy chance once then no restudy after that no restudy, then yes … I would like to follow a certain rethym (yes restudy, no restudy, no restudy , yes restudy , no, no, yes). From the Trial Rules I set new criteria ( Tag (FirestvsSecond") when it is set 2 and Number of times this trial has been presented will be 2. Then the following actions will be repeat trial, But how can I controlling the repeated trial .
> Thank you in advance,
> Salwa

This question might be faster answered over the phone. I’ll contact you shortly.