Control Biopac's stimulator (STM100C) from SuperLab

Dear all, this thread was also posted as a reply for an earlier one (Access AcqKnowledge’s digital channel 15). As I thought it wouldn’t be seen due to different titles and tags I decided to post it again here. Sorry about posting it again.

Anyway, here goes my question:

I’m using Biopac’s STM100C as a stimulator connected to a computer with AcqKnowledge through MP150 and another computer with SuperLab sending outputs to this system through StimTracker. I’ve been trying to control STM100C from SperLab’s Digital Output without success.

So far, I tried to trigger AcqKnowledge’s Digital Channel 15 as the STP100C responds to changes (0 or 1) in this channel when its “source” knob isset to “pulse”. I managed to control changes in AcqKnowledge’s Digital Channels 8 to 10 sending sending Digital Outputs from SuperLab, but notAcqKnowledge’s Digital Channels 15.

Would anyone happens to have a clue on how to control AcqKnowledge’s Digital Channel 15 through SuperLab and/or any other way to trigger Biopac’s STM100C through SuperLab?



StimTracker puts out only 3 bits of output for event codes that arrive to it via USB. This is because Biopac accepts only a total of 8 bits, so we allocated the other 5 bits for audio, light sensors, mic, and participant input. It would not be possible to activate AcqKnowledge Digital Channel 15.

Ok, Hisham.
Thanks for your reply