Continuous-Distractor condition

I am doing an experiment in which participants are being presented with lists of words on screen, word-by-word.

For one condition I need to put simple mathematical sums on screen in between the presentation of each word. The participants need to be able to type the answer in (a single digit) and then for it to move onto another sum, and another, etc. until 15 seconds has passed - the next word will then be displayed.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds however trying to put it into SuperLab is another story! I cannot figure it out with the pdf manual and have no idea what else to try!

Please help! :slight_smile:

Try having all your “mathematical sum” events in their own separate trial, but make sure they are all in the same block. Then in the Block Editor, under the When to Run tab, create and Expression that states: Time Since the Start of Block is less then 15000 milliseconds.

Okay brilliant thanks, I’ll give that a go! :slight_smile: