Continuous audio until end of block

Our experiment is very similar to the one above and we’ve tried this solution. But, our problem is that we have an experiment in which we want an audio file to play throughout the block. The block consists of a cue and a stimulus, comprised of 60 picture files. The audio file continues to play after all of the stimuli have been presented. The stimuli are presented one after the other, and reaction time is recorded. So, the duration of the block depends on how long it takes each participant to react to each stimulus and move on to the next until all have been presented and the block ends. The audio file is 3 minutes long, but the duration of the block will be much less than this.

How do we get the music to end when the stimulus list ends?

Additionally, we have 9 different songs that we want to use for the same stimulus list, each song played only once. Is there any way that we could program this into one experiment? Or, would we need to program 9 different experiments?

The audio will only stop when there is another audio event starting. We suggest using a blank audio file when you want your audio file to stop playing. The experiment should consist of two blocks. The first block needs to be linked to two trials. The first trial is for the your audio event. The second trial should be linked to your cue and then your stimulus list.

Audio Block ------> Audio trial -------> Audio Event
---------> Stimuli trial -------> Cue Event
—> Stimulus List Event

The second block has one trial consisting of your blank audio event. I have attached a blank audio file for you to use.

Block 2 ------> Trial 2 --------> Blank Audio File
---------> Starting Block 2

Regarding using 9 different songs, you can either merge all songs into a single sound file using a sound editor. Or, if it’s one song per block, just play the next song file. It will end the first sound file when it starts playing.

blankaudio.wav (6.79 KB)