Connecting RB-830 response pad to iMotions API

I am running an experiment with iMotions where I would like to be able to forward button presses from the RB-830 response pad to the iMotions software. These would be on the same computer. Specifically, I would like to connect the device and use it to send marker events in iMotions. The device seems to be connecting to the computer well, and I have also installed the respective driver. I have tried their API application (responsepadserver.exe) and guide on how to connect and configure the Cedrus response pad, but it didn’t work (cmd error “Unsupported message: 0” appears). I am told that the RB-x series may be a ‘Legacy Product’, which could be leading to the error. Since they do not directly support Cedrus products and the error/warning seems to be in the software, I am hoping to find help here.
Thank you

We have no experience using iMotions. But let’s try this:

  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Connect the RB-830
  • In the Device Manager, look in the section “Ports (COM & LPT)”

If it says “RB-x30 Response Pad”, then you need to follow the instructions on this page.

Alas, these instructions work only on an old Windows XP 32-bit edition. Send us an email if you run into a difficulty.

Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately I am using Windows 10. When connecting, I just saw the name of the port on the device manager (ex:COM8) (or other numbers depending on which usb port it was connected into).
Is there a way with windows 10?

Thank you

Was there no name at all? it should show something like

  • RB-x30 Response Pad (COMx)


  • Serial Port (COMx)

The COM port number shouldn’t matter much.

Correct, It showed as Serial Port (COMx).

Showing up as “Serial Port (COMx)” is good.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. Perhaps the iMotions software supports only the newer RB-x40 models but not the RB-x30 ones? We can do a screen sharing meeting to take a look at it, though like I mentioned earlier, we are not familiar with the iMotions software. It might be best to ask them.