Confusion about licensing


I am a license manager for the psych department of a University. We have just purchased one license of superlab for a student and I am still a bit confused about the licensing scheme of this product. I must say, I have never seen this one before.

I want to lease this license to the student to install on her pre-intel mac (I have version 4.5.0 for this) I do not want to give her a long lease, mainly because I think this mac is not long for this world. I also do not want to inhibit her research.

If I attach this license to my department email address and create a password for the install, is it possible to change that password in the future? I want to be able to give the student the password to extend her own license until she moves on, then I would want to change the password so we can keep the software here in the department.

To use SuperLab’s Lease function, two SuperLab licenses are needed to create a lease. For example, if you purchased a 10-Pak, the first license will be activated by the researcher and the remaining nine licenses/seats can be issued as leases.

When creating leases, the license holder will decide the length of time the lease is to be issued. When the lease expires, they are automatically returned to your available pool of licenses and are ready for re-use.

Customer support told me I could do this with a single license. Is this not true?

For leasing, you need two SuperLab licenses. However, with one license you can activate for a specified amount of time from one day up to one year. Then, re-activate as many times as you wish after the time limit has expired. I will contact you via private message to explain more in detail.

Thank you