Confidence rating

Hi I am currently using superlab to complete my dissertation and I am giving my participants sets of words to remember one by one. Once they have seen them, i am then re-presenting these words with the addition of some new words.
Is it possible to devise a way to see their confidence rating? For example, i want them to be able to click a chose of 5 letters on the keyboard. The letters will respond to confidence at which they think the word has occurred in the list. So the 5point rating scale would be 1= Not at all confident 2 = Mildly Confident 3 = Moderately Confident 4 = Very Confident 5= absolutely certain?
Or even if i could use letters instead of numbers which would represent different ratings?

I suggest using two stimulus lists, one with the first set of words and then another with the original set, plus any additions.

Set up the “confidence ratings” under Participant Input using the Input Device, Keyboard-Single Key. Under the Event Editor, for the event you want the participant’s responses recorded, have the event end After a correct response from the participant. Then, under the correct response is, select One or more of the following. Check all the “confidence ratings” you created under Participant Input.