Conditional feedback in an IAT


I’ve created an Implicit Association Task (which uses video footage as the stimuli) using Superlab 4.5, by modifying the IAT example provided. It does everything I want except for the feedback and was hoping someone might be able to help with this.

Here’s the procedure in a trial:

  1. Participants see a happy or sad word (or whatever) displayed.
  2. They have to categorize that word as happy or sad using two keys at opposite ends of the keyboard (e.g. “a” for happy and “l” for sad).
  3. My task is currently set so that an incorrect answer gets a standard reply (e.g. “you responded incorrectly”). However in a traditional IAT, the feedback participants receive depends on how they responded. If the word was happy and they incorrectly pressed the “l” key (sad) they would then get a cross on the RIGHT side of the screen (i.e. mapping onto the location of the “l” key on the right hand side of the keyboard). In my study, I’d potentially like to go further and display a message - e.g. “You classified this word as sad but it counts as a happy word. Please correct your response.”

Is there any way to do this in Superlab 4.5?


Do you want to also use Feedback for a correct response? If so, can it be a general message such as “correct?”

No feedback needed for correct response

Hi Monika

Thanks for replying! I don’t need any feedback for a correct response (it just hops onto the next trial).

Best wishes

I suggest using one stimulus list for the emotions and another list for your incorrect response feedback. Within these lists, make sure the emotion stimulus is in the same order as the feedback you would want to present if the participant picked the incorrect response. You will have these two events attached to one trial, with the emotion event being first. Then within this first event, under the Feedback tab, set it up as: If the response is correct, then Skip any remaining events and present next trial.

Hi - thanks very much for your help with this.

Best wishes