conditional branching

I want to form an experiment where there is a series of 10 picture trials in a block - participants make a response to each pic trial, and when they make a correct response to the trial, the experiment jumps to the next block.

Is there an example of how to set up the conditional branching for this?

The following forum thread will help with your question:


I still cant get the branch to work…I have followed the example you suggested…I want the presentation to jump to the next block if the participant performs a yes response. I have attached my attempt, which partly works, but it seems to present a couple of extra events sometimes, and at others it jumps immediately to the next block. Please could you tell me where I have gone wrong?

Selecting a Block _example.sl4 (8.88 KB)

Can you look through your macros again? I see that you did not create the subset like it was done in the sample experiment. Make sure in the subset you have “Limit the trials used to those marked with a specific code value” checked. One more suggestion, try using the Greater Than or Equal To for your macro expression.

thanks…I have tried using the settings you gave me but I still get 2 tirals presented and then the program jumps to the next block even if the response is No

I think the problem might be that not all your responses are defined for your stimulus events. If click on one of these events and go to the Correct Response tab, you will see under “For the following files” that only the first stimulus list item has a response defined.

now working!

Many thanks for your help…this seems to have solved the problem:):slight_smile: