Conditional Branching

Hi Monika and Everyone,

I am getting somewhere with my experiment, but I am now struggling with conditional branching. How do I get SL to miss out a block and move to the next one? I have set things up so that, depending on the answer given by a participant (either Yes or No) SL will move to the relevant outcome screen. However, I cannot get it to ignore the other outcome (ie the one that is not used because the participant didn’t choose it) and move directly to the next relevant block. I want this to be controlled by the participant (ie on a key press), and I realise that it needs to be set in the block under macros, but it only has the option to ‘go to a DIFFERENT block’ not to specify which one, or am I missing something?

Would be grateful for some help please!! Have attached file - I need it to move directly to Pair 2 block from either Animation AA event or Animation AB event (depending on participant choice) on the press of SPACEBAR

Thanks so much.


Post being ignored (and closed) as per your request. :slight_smile: