conditional branching

I’m a new Superlab user, and I’m trying to set up an experiment wherein the subject will be directed to two different areas depending on whether he or she answers yes or no to a question.

I currently have it set up so that there are 3 blocks: the second and third are for the “yes” and “no” answers. I think I understand how to set the correct response to be “y” key and direct the user back to the next block by setting the feedback to “present the next events in the trial” (there aren’t any, so it should go to the next block, the “yes” block). But I can’t figure out how to have user directed back to the “no” block if he hits the “n” key.

The other complication is that I have to have these separate blocks because within each are 2 additional sets of trials that have to be presented randomly. Thank you.

I have posted an experiment that will be of some help to you. Please see the link below.

Great, thank you.